Friday, January 13, 2006

It's Never Too Late For Fuzzy Feet

Here are photos, finally, of most of the rest of my Christmas gifts.

First, a tiny glimpse of my aunt's pink fuzzy feet there in my suitcase with what looks like a dirty, balled-up disposable diaper sitting there in between them. And it might very well be. Oh, and I just noticed that the diagonal stripe scarf I knit for my mom is over there in that plastic bag in the far left corner of the suitcase. Forgive the quality of this photo. I know you're used to perfectly art-directed shots from me. This pair of fuzzy feet was knit using coral Cascade 220. I had to do MUCH shrinking of these (washer/ stewpot/washer/stewpot/dryer). I like the texture of felt I get with C220, but for slippers I prefer something bulkier…

…like Lamb's Pride Bulky, which I used for these fuzzy feet I made for my cousin. Lamb's Pride Bulky is my absolute favorite fuzzy feet felting yarn. I embellished these with what were supposed to be four-leaf clovers. Can you tell which one I did post-vino?

And finally, the socks I knit with Koigu for my mother-in-law. I started these out as two socks on two circulars, but I separated them after the heel turn. They simply weren't getting along. I found that doing the two socks on two circulars was not all that fun. It was a long, slow haul getting down to the heel flaps, which you knit one at a time.

In other news, there is a grand-opening sale at my FYS tomorrow and I found out about it by the skin of my teeth. It starts at 10am and I'm weighing the opportunity cost of being there when the doors open versus spending quality time with my children. Dare I take them?

I've also decided to knit a pair of socks per month for my friend Alli's Christmas present. I bought some self-striping yarn for her January pair, and I think I finally understand how it works. See, it doesn't matter if the color change starts and ends where you start the round, because it's a circle, see? So it can just go around and around and the color will always change in the same place even if it's not where you would change it if you were changing it yourself, see? As long as you knit consistently, that is. And I don't know what happens when you do the heel flap and pick up stitches and then have gusset decreases. Sounds like some crooked stripes could come of that. So I'm going to avoid that trap altogether and do one of those other kind of heels that I'm going to learn about from the book I just bought—Sensational Socks. Because I needed another knitting book.

Actually, I needed two more knitting books, because I had to have Handknit Holidays, too. After all, it was 50% off. And it is one gorgeous book with lots of wonderful ideas. I'm going to get a jumpstart on next year right now.


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I adore my green fuzzy feet. Especially the drunken one.

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