Monday, November 28, 2005


It's been yarnsanity around here for the last week or so. First of all, I got a gift certificate from my very kind and generous boss to the yarn store by my office, which coincidentally had a BIG 40% OFF SALE the day after Thanksgiving. I bought a bunch of Auracania Nature Wool (hand dyed) in denim blue and chocolate brown, plus some Cascade 220 in two different shades of green (for Christmas fuzzy feet). I also bought Teva Durham's Loop d Loop and Knitscene magazine. I spent my gift certificate plus $14.01 at the sale. Pretty good!

On Sunday I had a birthday-related shopping day and visited two other yarn stores. One was a brand-new store on Alberta called Close Knit. It is a very nice shop and I saw some beautiful colors of Manos there that I haven't seen elsewhere. I was pretty restrained on this trip and only bought two skeins of yarn. But you know how it is when you go to the stores. You get ideas and you have to go back.

THEN I got a 20% off coupon from yet another local yarn store -- good for 30 days from my birthday. I will get a lot of use out of this.

Man, you can't spit in this town without hitting two things: 1) a bicyclist wearing all black at night and 2) a fabulous yarn store! This has caused me to invent an array of new abbreviations, since "LYS" (local yarn store) is just not specific enough around here.

FYS = favorite yarn store (this rotates)
KYS = knittier than thou yarn store (I won't use names, but this is the one where they have tons of yarn but you can't find anything and the people are too wrapped up in their own issues to help you)
HYS = hipster yarn store (this is the one on the fringes of the trendy part of town that's run by cute young hipsters)
OYS = office yarn store (the one I go to that's near my office)
NPYS = North Portland Yarn Store (self-explanatory)
CYS = Cozy Yarn Store (the yarn store that has cute couches, dressers and armoires in which they display and store the yarn)
LCYS = Low-Ceilinged Yarn Store (a nice store with a cafe, but it has low ceilings and it's kinda dark)

And folks, I haven't even made up acronyms for any of the fine yarn stores in the suburbs because, frankly, I don't need to go there. That's how freaking spoiled we are in this town. When I started knitting again about three years ago, the only store I knew about was the KYS. In just three years, at least SIX more stores have opened. And ALL of them appear to be very successful. Can this market support as many yarn stores as it does coffee shops? Makes you wonder.

And now for some talk about knitting. I am working on a few things using my yarn purchases, plus I'm using up some yarn in my stash. I knit this poncho from Loop d Loop using Rowan Big Wool. This pattern was a breeze. It only took a couple hours to knit and I really like the design. This garment is for a one-year old whose birthday is next week. I plan to make a little yarn flower as an accessory for it. It's a little plain as it is—plus this "color" of yarn doesn't photograph well. Especially at night on my shiny floor with a flash.

And here's my third pair of fuzzy feet. This is for a certain someone whose birthday is on Wednesday. I hope she gets them in the mail before she reads this blog. I took this photo of the fuzzy feet on my desk at work about one minute before I put them in the box to ship. And yes, that is my tape.

I can't show you photos of my second pair of fuzzy feet because the person I knit them for got all fancy, took a computer class, bought a laptop, and is now out there surfing in the blogosphere. I recently learned she found this website and read about her fuzzy feet. I don't want to ruin Christmas for her by posting a photo of them, so I'll do a Christmas present roundup of all my knitted gifts on Dec. 26.


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